The Airport made a profit of $74,134.36 with an adjusted net profit without depreciation and amortization of $54,304.84 in June. Year over year it amounts to an approximate increase of 35% (without depreciation) in profit over last year (see Summary of Airport Revenues & Expenses).

Propellers Restaurant sales were down slightly over last year; hangar and other rents were down significantly as was the revenue from the FBO. No accruals were made for the car rental revenues for June as actual numbers were used.

Accruals were made to adjust for June payroll expenses billed in July which accounts for the increase in payroll expense as compared to last year. Overall expenses were up mainly due to increased fuel prices.

Update on Airport Improvement Projects 37 & 38:

AIP 37 – Taxiway C Relocation & Airfield Electrical Improvement Project $3,923,867; Balance: $853,616.

AIP 38 – Airport Perimeter Fencing & Crack Seal, Seal Coat & Mark GA Apron Project $384,678; Balance: $322,107.

Cash flow was negative for the month (see the Cash Flow Summary).

Lorrie Brewer
Chief Accountant
Columbus Airport Commission
(706) 324-2449 Extension 1412
Fax: (706) 324-1016

Sonya Hollis

Columbus Airport Commission Meeting
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
9:30 a.m.

Marketing Report
Sonya Hollis Sonya Hollis
Presentation to the Columbus Airport Commission on
July 23, 2014

Airport Director Howell and Chief Cooper continue working on the Columbus Airport Fencing Project as it pertains to Wildlife Management and overall security of the airport. The Wildlife Management Plan continues to be a work in progress.

Airport Director Howell and Chief Cooper continue working with TSA in addressing several corrections being made to the ASP Manual. Chief Cooper has now received TSA approval on several changes to the ASP dated July 14, 2014. The written changes to the ASP were completed and now those changes have to be implemented on the airfield.

The final phase of the Columbus Consolidated Government dredging project of the water shed lake located on the northwest side of the approach end of R/W 6 was initiated on July 8, 2014. The final phase of this project involved the redistribution of the dredging material that was removed from the water shed, grading the impacted area and adding seed and straw.

While contractors were onsite, they removed approximately 40+ pine trees along I-185 located on the airport property and graded a wash area where FAA cabling was exposed to the elements. The pine trees were located at the approach end of R/W 6 along I-185. Contractors also installed a catch basin and drainage piping at the low area of the access road and ran the piping under the gravel access road to assist in the control of water in this area.

Chief Cooper is scheduled to attend the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Conference at Savannah, Georgia on July 27 – 30. This is mandatory training required by all Police Chiefs throughout the State of Georgia.