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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Hide details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Ordinance to Rezone 705 35th Street
Staff Report - Rezoning of 705 35th Street (Meritas Mill's)
Ordinance to Rezone 6000 Warm Springs Road
Staff Report - Rezoning at 6000 Warm Springs Road
Ordinance to Rezone 1532 5th Avenue
Staff Report - Claflin Rezoning
Hide details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
Revisions to Chapter 8 Inspections
Unified Development Ordinance
Staff Report - UDO
UDO Columbus Code
Hide details for 07. Public Agenda07. Public Agenda
Public Agenda
Hide details for 08. City Manager08. City Manager
Hide details for City Manager's AgendaCity Manager's Agenda
[Replication or Save Conflict]
Redevelopment Proposal for Claflin School
FY18 MC Prison Inmate Capacity Agreement
Georgia High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) Sector Partnership Capacity Building Grant Proposal
Stair Egress Encroachment of Right-of-Way
Purchase Authorizations
Claflin Update
Current Enforcement Standards
Monthly Finance Reports
Hide details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Clerk's Agenda
Memo from COC, Re: Board of Water Commissioners
Memo from COC, Re: Convention & Visitors Bd. of Commissioners
Resolution excusing Cnclr. Woodson, 05/09/2017
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