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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Hide details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Clerk's Agenda
Memo from COC, Re: Pension Fund, Employees' Board of Trustees
Street Closure: Uptown Still Life Grand Opening
Street Closure: Uptown UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup
Street Closure: Uptown Buds & Burgers
Street Closure: Neighborhood Gathering
Street Closure: Church Extravaganza Picnic
Street Closure: Soap Box Derby
Street Closure: National Night Out
Bio for Fran Fluker, Re: KCBC
Bio for Mark McCollum, Re: KCBC
Bio for Tamika McKenzie, Re: KCBC
Bio for Patricia Thomas, Re: KCBC
Honorary Designation Request: Pastor Chester Medley Hayes
Official Appointment Form, Re: New Horizons
Resolution appointing Matt Moorefield, Re: Bd. of Tax Assessors
Mins.: Airport Commission, 02/22/2017
Mins.: Airport Commission, 04/11/2017
Mins.: BHAR, 03/13/2017
Mins.: Bd of Tax Assessors,# 15-17
Mins.: Bd of Tax Assessors, #16-17
Mins.: Bd. of Water Commissioners, 04/10/2017
Mins.: Cols. Golf Course Authority, 03/28/2017
Mins.: Council Health Insurance Task Force, 04/14/2017
Mins.: PAC, 01/18/2017
Mins.: PAC, 02/01/2017
Mins.: PAC, 02/15/2017
Mins.: Public Safety Advisory Committee, 04/06/2017
ADD-ON: Resolution excusing Cnclr. Allen, 05/23/2017
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