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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Street Acceptance - Pine Seed Court and that portion of Pine Seed Drive located in Section Fourteen, Garrett Pines
2018 Homeland Security Grant Program
Temporary Use or Special Event Permit Extension to Extend Existing Certificate of Occupancy for Star South Steaks
Purchase Authorizations
Parks and Recreation Swimming Pool Update
Hide details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Clerk's Agenda
Street Closure: Uptown Creative South Carnival 4/12/18
Memo from COC, Re: Columbus Aquatics Commission
Memo from COC, Re: Columbus Golf Course Authority
Memo from COC, Re: KCBC
Memo from COC, Re: Pension Fund, Employees' Board of Trustees
Memo from COC, Re: FY-2018 Budget Review Schedule
Memo from COC, Re: Resolution changing meeting schedule for June 2018
Memo from COC, Re: Board of Honor Recommendations
Resolution excusing Cnclr. Davis, 03/27/2018
Resolution: Honorary Designation for Rev. Robert L. Evans, Sr.
Resolution: Honorary Designation for Ms. Zelma Hennessey
Resolution: Honorary Designation for Ma Rainey
Resignation from Beth Harris, Re: Board of Honor
Mins.: Bd of Tax Assessors, #10-18
Mins.: Bd. of Tax Assessors, 11-18
Mins.: Housing Authority of Columbus, 02/18/2018
Mins.: Recreation Advisory Board, 01/31/2018
ADD-ON: Resolution excusing Cnclr. Baker, 04/10/2018
Vote Tabulation: Crime Prevention Board
Hide details for 04/03/201804/03/2018
Hide details for 01. Mayor's Agenda01. Mayor's Agenda
CCG Proclamation & Resolution Session
Show details for 03/27/201803/27/2018
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