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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Show details for 11/06/201211/06/2012
Show details for 10/30/201210/30/2012
Show details for 10/23/201210/23/2012
Show details for 10/09/201210/09/2012
Show details for 10/02/201210/02/2012
Show details for 09/25/201209/25/2012
Show details for 09/18/201209/18/2012
Hide details for 09/11/201209/11/2012
Show details for 01. Mayor's Agenda01. Mayor's Agenda
Show details for 02a. Upcoming Events02a. Upcoming Events
Show details for 04. City Attorney04. City Attorney
Show details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Show details for 07. Public Agenda07. Public Agenda
Show details for 08. City Manager08. City Manager
Hide details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Clerk's Cover Sheet.
Temp St. Closing "Motorcycle Parking/Fundraiser".
Temp St. Closing "Cols Foundation River Raffle".
Temp. St Closing "Community Fall Festival".
Bio Sketch of Mr. McCormick, Re: Pension Bd.
Resolution excusing Councilor McDaniel.
Travel Request of Councilor Huff.
Resignation from Mr. Rothschild, Re: Pension Bd.
Email from Mr. Milam, Re: Golf Aut.
Email Cor. from Mr. McCollum, Re: Uptown Facade Bd.
Min: BHAR, 01-09-12.
Min: BHAR, 02-13-12.
Min: BHAR, 03-12-12.
Min: BHAR, 04-09-12.
Min: Bd of Tax Assessor, # 32-12.
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