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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Min: Recreation Adv. Bd, 03-27-13.
Min: Uptown Facade Bd, 01-22-13.
Min: Uptown Facade Bd, 02-18-13.
Min: Uptown Facade Bd, 02-25-13.
Min: Uptown Facade Bd, 03-18-13.
ADD-ON Resolution excusing Councilor Davis.
Hide details for 11. Informational Material11. Informational Material
Cinco de Mayo Celebration Broadway Uptown Columbus
Council Meetings/Budget Meeting/Work Session Items – 2013
Hide details for 12. CCG TV12. CCG TV
CCG-TV Program Line Up
Hide details for 04/09/201304/09/2013
Hide details for 01 . Mayor's Agenda01 . Mayor's Agenda
Mayor's Ag. Cover.
February 26, 2013 Council Minutes.
March 12, 2013 Council Minutes
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Council Meeting Schedule
Hide details for 04. City Attorney04. City Attorney
Cover Sheet
Special Except. Use 3554 Hilton Avenue
(EXCP-2-13-1410) Special Exception Use request to operate an Ambulance Service in a Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District located at 3554 Hilton Avenue.
Hide details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
Ord. Growler As amended
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Public Ag.
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CM Coversheet
Signage/Naming of Natatorium
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