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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Hide details for 12/11/201812/11/2018
Hide details for 01. Mayor's Agenda01. Mayor's Agenda
Mayor's Agenda
Resolution: MLK Celebration Gift Acceptance
Resolution: Councilor Baker
ADD-ON Resolution: Mayor Teresa Tomlinson
Council Minutes: December 4, 2018
Hide details for 04. City Attorney04. City Attorney
Cover Sheet
Resolution authorizing Mayor to execute First Amendment to Deferred Compensation Plan
First Amendment to CCG 457 Deferred Comp Plan Presented 12/11/18
Deferred Compensation Resolution Documents Presented 12/4/18
Resolution - Columbus Tire Company
Agenda Report - Enterprise Zone - Columbus Tire Co.
ADD-ON Resolution: Legislative Agenda Item
Hide details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Ordinance to Amend Section 4-63 of the Columbus Code (Aquatics Commission)
Hide details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
Extension of Moratorium on Personal Care Homes
Final FY18 Budget Amendment Ordinance
Final FY18 Budget Amendment Agenda Report
Ordinance to readopt the Enterprise Zone
Agenda Report - Readoption of the Enterprise Zone
Hide details for 07. Public Agenda07. Public Agenda
Public Agenda
Hide details for 08. City Manager08. City Manager
City Manager's Agenda
Westville - Requested Extension of Memorandum of Agreement
Street Acceptance - That portion of Jamesson Way - located in Replat of Lot FR203 Replat of Part of Land Lots 62, 63 & 67, 9th District
Street Acceptance - Remey Drive, that portion of Confetti Blush Drive, that portion of Show Time Drive, that portion of Fashionata Drive and that portion of High Hat Drive located in Section Four, Old Town, a Mixed Use Community
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