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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Show details for 02a. Upcoming Events02a. Upcoming Events
Show details for 04. City Attorney04. City Attorney
Show details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Show details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
Show details for 07. Public Agenda07. Public Agenda
Hide details for 08. City Manager08. City Manager
CM Cover Sheet
Naval Reserve Center - Lease Renewal
Surplus Property Disposal
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 80
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 90
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcels 91, 92, 93
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 109
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 117
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 136
Condemnation Forrest Road Parcel 165
Adult Felony Drug Court - BJA Enhancement Grant
Criminal Justice Coordinating - Adult Felony Drug Court
Street Acceptance - that portion of Townes Way located in Section Two, The Townes at Sonoma Pointe
Street Acceptance - Thicket Court, Coppice Court and that portion of Coppice Drive located in Lakes Phase Thirteen, Garrett Creek
Restroom on Riverwalk Construction
Purchase Authorizations
Space Needs Assessment 3.25.14
Map - Forest Road Condemnation
February - Finance Monthly Reports
Show details for 09. Referrals09. Referrals
Show details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Show details for 03/18/201403/18/2014
Show details for 03/11/201403/11/2014
Show details for 03/04/201403/04/2014
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