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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Hide details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Zon Ord 1710 Buena Vista Rd.
Staff Report REZN-8-14-1832 1710 Buena Vista Road
Ord. Manchester Expressway Overlay District
Text Amendment Manchester Expressway Overlay District
Hide details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
Zon Ord 8800 & 8818 Veterans Parkway
Staff Rep 8800 & 8818 Veterans Parkway
Hide details for 07. Public Agenda07. Public Agenda
Public Ag. Cover
Hide details for 08. City Manager08. City Manager
City Manager's Agenda
Fiscal Year 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program
2014-15 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Continuation Grant Program
Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention and Treatment Programs
Sidewalk Variance for Wellington Pointe Third Addition Subdivision
Release of Reversionary and Restrictive Clause on Property at 2400 13th Street
Purchase Authorizations
Finance Monthly Update
Hide details for 09. Referrals09. Referrals
Hide details for 10. Clerk of Council10. Clerk of Council
Clerk's Cover Sheet
Bio sketches, Re: Personnel Review Bd.
Bio sketch for Ms. Cathy Williams, Re: Historic & Arch. Review Bd.
Temp. St. Closure: "Soldier Marathon"
Temp. St. Closing: Uptown Market Days
Resolution changing 11/04/14 Meeting to Pro./Reg. Meeting
Resolution excusing Cnclr Huff, 10/14/14
Resolution excusing Cnclr McDaniel, 10/28/14
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