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Agenda DateCategorySubject
Memo from GMA, Re: GA Cities Week
Resolution excusing Cnclr. Henderson, 12/08/2015
Resolution excusing Cnclr. Woodson, 12/08/2015
Request from Judy Pearce, Re: Jaimie Briggs Deloach
Bd. of Health, 08/26/2015
Bd. of Health, 09/23/2015
Bd. of Health, 10/28/2015
Mins.: Bd of Tax Assessors, #41-15
Mins.: Cols. Ironworks, 10/22/2015
Hide details for 12/08/201512/08/2015
Hide details for 01. Mayor's Agenda01. Mayor's Agenda
Mayor's Agenda
Proposed Technology Park TAD
Proposed River District TAD - Uptown Columbus, Inc.
Hide details for 02a. Upcoming Events02a. Upcoming Events
2015 Upcoming Events and Council Meeting Schedule
Hide details for 04. City Attorney04. City Attorney
Cover Sheet
Reso. Special Excep. Use 3350,3370 & Victory Drive
Special Exception Use 3350,3370,3380 Victory Drive EXCP-08-15-1777
Reso. Special Excep. Use 2395 Whittlesey Road
Special Exception Use 2395 Whittlesey Rd 85 Ft. Telecommunications Facility
Reso. Amending Resolution No 174-14 Name Change of Vendor
Reso. Purchasing/Credit Card Program & Attachment
Reso. Martin Luther King, Jr. Outdoor Learning Trail & Maps
Hide details for 05. 1st Reading05. 1st Reading
Ord. Darr Payment of Legal Fees
Zon. Ord. 1908,1912,& 1916 Manchester Espressway
Staff Rep1908,1912,1916 Manchester Expressway REZN-08-11746
Show details for 06. 2nd Reading06. 2nd Reading
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